Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sandra Cole Burke

Sandra Cole Burke shares her print making process with us. 
Sandra is a member of our group and also the Stouffville Studio Tour. She is studio number 11 on this years Tour

Last summer I worked on my “forest lair “series which I completed in my back yard.

The tree, over one hundred years old, was from Geneva Park near Orillia. It had fallen in a storm. The people who were removing it from where it had fallen kindly cut off two pieces  (called tree cookies) with a chainsaw. One of these trees cookies  is what I used as my woodblock to create my “forest lair” series.

The first three photos are of the woodblock and the tools I used to carve it.

The next three photos are of the prints hanging to dry with two colours on the rice paper.


Photo number 7 shows the rice paper ready for me to add the third colour.


The next three photos are of
  • preparing the ink,
  • adding the extender ( making it more transparent) and the retarder ( preventing it from drying too fast),
  • and the roller after I have inked up the woodblock.


Photo 11 is getting ready to print the reddish colour onto the rice paper.

Photo 12 is peeling off the paper. 

Photo 13 is of the lino bird printed on the “forest lair”.


The last two photos are of the “forest lair” series.

One of the “forest lair” series original woodblocks is on exhibition from July 4- September 28 2012 with the  Stouffville Studio Tour Artists  Show in the foyer of the Municipal offices in Stouffville.
Thanks Sandra!
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