Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're back

We are back to meeting weekly at the Lemonville Community Centre. We have a very exciting year planned with several places to see our work and our 20th Annual Show in May. More details will be coming shortly so check back.

The last two weeks have been great workshops with one of our favourite instructors Judith Livingston. She is having an exhibition .... everyone is invited.

Judith Livingston’s  ”WALK IN THE WOODS”

October 3 - 8 (Including Thanksgiving Monday)

The McKay Art Centre 197 Main Street Unionville

We invite you to put on your walking shoes and enjoy a stroll through some of Ontario’s most beautiful woodlands, rendered in Acrylic on Canvas. ”WALK IN THE WOODS” Art Exhibition is at The McKay Art Centre, 197 Main Street, Unionville. Included will be works from this year's new series exhibited for the first time.
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